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At the present, there are lots of marketers and blog owners out there that are in need of something written, such as a report or an article. On the other hand, they do not want to do it themselves or they simply lack the time to do such a task.  This is where some individuals opt for writing PLR for money. Customers like to buy your PLR because it’s cheaper and they can just change it around and make it more original.

When it comes to private label rights or PLR, it allows individuals to purchase something that was written by someone else. Just remember that the written material becomes the property of the one who bought it and since many people can buy the same articles, the content won’t be unique to the Internet.

Writing PLR for money is a good way to earn an additional income. It can either be a part time or full time basis, depending on your available time. If you love to write, there is a lot of room to earn more if you will focus on writing PLR for money. In order to become successful in writing PLR for money, you should be creative enough to handle various topics that people need and to be able to write papers free from any grammatical errors. If you are a competent writer, then writing PLR for money will surely work for you.


Do You Need a Website For Writing PLR For Money

If you don’t have your own PLR website set up you can sell on other websites.  Several websites such as Fiverr and Gigblasters would require you to have your own PayPal account for payment and allow you to sell your PLR on their site.  They do take a commission for this.

If you do not want to use services like these then it is best to look for a forum where you can offer your writing services. You have nothing to worry about if the first forum where you offered your services gets no replies yet. There are numerous internet marketing forums out there in search for writers for web content or articles. If this is your first try with writing PLR for money, you should be patient until you attract an interested individual in need of writing services.

Another option is to try the freelancer websites such as oDesk or Freelancer.   There are many writing PLR for money jobs being offered there and you can look for available writing PLR money jobs that you are qualified for.  In cases like these the person hiring wants you to write PLR material for their PLR site.  They all require a PayPal account since that is where you will get paid for your writing services. Opting for writing PLR for money can provide you an additional income source.

If you want to earn money online through writing PLR for money, it is best to lower your prices in the beginning, since you are not yet recognized in the forums yet. The moment you have built-up your reputation, you can start increasing your fee. With writing PLR for money, just remember to deliver your work on time, always ensure quality and error free work and always communicate with your clients. By following these guidelines, you will become successful with writing PLR for money.


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Write A Series

For Better Sales Write A Series


Since I’ve started writing for Kindle I keep reading that if you can write a series Amazon loves it and the readers do to.  This of course is based on the

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I See There Is More Than Meets The Eye

fact that the readers love your first book.  To write a series doesn’t have to always be in the fiction genre either, it can be in non-fiction.  For example, my sister Gloria has a series going called “God Help Me Please”, and each book is about a different way to get help from God,  You can see what I mean by looking at her titles on the authors page here

There are trilogies and even longer series available in books today.  Janet Evanovich has a series with around 20 books in it called the Stephanie Plum series.  If you have never read any of her books and you love humor, excitement, and romance, you can see her books by clicking here.   These two authors should give you an idea of how a series can work.  Once a customer reads and loves one of your books, if done right, they can’t wait to see what your main character will be up to next, or what you have to say next on a certain topic.  To make more sales and make more money simply write a series.

Most of you know that all my Kindle books so far have been non-fiction but I have now come up with an idea for a fiction series and can’t wait to get started.  This will not be the first fiction book I’ve written, but the first one that will go on Kindle so I’m really looking forward to it.  I may even publish it in paperback using the Amazon Createspace, but not sure at this time.

Those of you who are writing fiction think about if your characters have enough antics in them to write a series.  The series doesn’t have to be 20 books long, but three to five would probably make your readers extremely happy.  Let me know how you get along with it and I’ll keep you posted with how I put my fictions book together. Let’s all get busy and write a series.


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Writing for Kindle



Web Page Content That Sells

Three Tips To Help Your Web Page Content Sell


Writing web page content for blogs and articles directories is a good money-maker if you know what you are doing.  Today there are many writers

writing for pay

Sold Another One!

trying to make a living online but they don’t know how to write web page content that keeps clients and readers coming back for more.  It doesn’t mean they didn’t do great research or even put together an “okay” article or blog post, but it may not have been good enough to get repeat business.  This is especially true if you are charging a good price for your work.

People that pay big bucks for articles and blog posts want web page content that either gets the click or brings a reader back over and over again to see what will be the next article or blog post.  Either way it’s your responsibility as the writer to make sure it happens for your client.

Web Page Content Writing Tips

1.  The first thing when writing for pay is to gather research that will set your article apart from others writing on this same niche.  Sometimes you can’t always find something new, but creating the article with a different slant can make all the difference in the world.  Below are a couple of title examples to show how the slant of an article can make better web page content.

  • Peddle Car Races Your Child Will Love
  • Peddle Car Races That Develop Child Coordination Skills

Can you see how your article can have not only a lot more depth, but have an interesting slant that would keep someone glued to the page?

2.  The second tip is about what words you use.  Be careful of word repetition, especially in the beginning of your sentences.  See these examples below.

  • (a)The peddle cars start off being lined up side by side.  The children wait for the horn to blow and then they know the race has started.  When they round the bend to the finish line they will be going downhill so bales of hay are stacked there in case they can’t stop.  When a child hits the hay it gives them a jolt but won’t hurt them.


  • (b)The peddle cars are all lined up side by side as the children anxiously wait for the horn to blow; signaling the start of the race.  When the children round the last bend to the finish line the road starts to slant downhill, but don’t worry because officials have made a blockade out of bales of hay.  Even the jolt of being stopped by the hay doesn’t dampen the spirits of these excited children.

As you can see the first two sentences in example (a)start with the word “the” and the last two sentences in (a) start with the word “when”.  Writing in this manner makes your sentences sound more like you are reading from a list and the words don’t flow easily.  Even if you are writing non-fiction your words need to tell a believable story; a story where people want to read all the way to the end.

3.  The last tip I want to share with you today is the tone of your writing.  Unless your client has specifically asked you to write in a journalistic style, you should always use a conversational tone.  A conversational tone is what we are doing right now.  It is when you sit down and write as if you were talking to someone sitting right across from you.

This tone of voice is easy to write and it’s comfortable for the reader as well.  No one likes to sit down and read content with huge words that have no use in today’s culture.  Don’t try to impress people with your vocabulary because it won’t work.  When writing web page content you need to write for the masses and that means keeping your writing around an 8th to 10th grade level.  In truth, that is the level most of use on a daily basis and so keep your writing real for the people who are going to be looking at it.

There are lots more tips on how to write well but we will save those for another blog post.  If you adopt just these three tips and incorporate them into your work you will have some really happy clients.

Feel free to comment and share some of your best writing tips!

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Types of Writing For Making Money

The Many Types of Writing

types of writing

As I was finishing up my work for today I was having mixed feelings.  I was thrilled that I just got paid $75 to write a 2000 word article, but at the same time kind of bored out of my mind.  You see the article was on jogging strollers.  There must be many types of writing, so why have I limited myself?   The first 10 articles I did on jogging strollers was interesting, but let’s face it…how much can you find to write about jogging strollers!  I have had many customers who have requested reviews of baby strollers and articles of baby strollers so the good news is that the research only takes about half the time because I know most of it by heart now.

One thing I need to point out is you should never do a bad job just because what you are writing is not the most exciting thing in the world.  I still gave my all, and when I was finished the result looked darn good!types of writing

As I sat at my desk pondering my delima I realized there really are many types of writing I could be doing and not limiting myself to e-books, articles, and reviews.  I made a list and was excited about the possibilities that may be in store for me.    I have used about eight of these types of writing but mostly it’s been articles and reviews for me.  Maybe it’s time to “let the dogs out”, so to speak and broaden my horizons.


Types of Writing Ideas

  • Book reviews
  • Product Reviews
  • Blog/website content
  • E-books – non-fiction
  • How To Guides
  • Mini courses
  • Technical writing
  • Novels
  • Ad copy
  • Sales Copy
  • Email auto responder message
  • Brochures
  • Reports

I am sure there are a lot more opportunities out there that are not on this list, but I hope this list gets you to thinking about broadening your writing career just as it has me.  I am thankful to God every day for the work and clients I do have but that doesn’t mean we can’t try and increase our earnings and broaden our scope of practice either.

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