Ways Freelance Writers Can Keep Organized

Ways Freelance Writers Can Keep Organized

Most people think the life of freelance writers is all glamour, as well as living on the beach somewhere while writing their best seller novel. Although that scenario is possible it is not the case for most of us freelance writers. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Many days are filled with research, rewriting, or marketing our services to increase our business. The truth is a real write-or-die freelancer loves almost every minute of it! Yes, we get tired, but it’s what we do and we love it.

Freelance writers should treat their writing as a business because that’s what it is. There are the boring aspects, such as taxes and other business matters, but for the most part it’s a time to let our creative side come out to play. The good news is we make money while doing it!

The best way to get more business and keep it running smoothly is to get organized. There are many ways you can do this so pick one and stick with it. I like things simple and use free tools available to me online. Google calendar is how I keep up with daily tasks. The key is to only put three or four days of “to-do” on there at one time. If you try to fill out an entire week you will most likely end up having to make changes.  Here is an example of a Google calendar. I could not get the picture to be very clear but you can see I list my daily activities.

gcalendarAs you can see the calendar allows you to make list of things to do at the top of the page and then lower down you can see time of a Webinar that has a specific time. Things that don’t have a specific time will always stay at the top of the calendar.

This is the main step I do to stay focused each day however there are other things I do to keep up with all my projects as well. For each client I keep a list of the work they want done in a Word document. As I complete each article or project I highlight them in Green, meaning they are ready to be delivered to the client.

A lot of my clients order in bulk to get a discount in price so this is the only way I can keep up, plus it makes me feel productive to cross them off the list.

How Freelance Writers Can

Keep Track of Completed Work

You might be surprised to know that some clients will contact freelance writers a week or month after their content has been delivered;  saying they can’t find it, and could it be sent again. A good filing system for completed work is necessary as well. I keep all projects for at least two years.

One important thing freelance writers should do is have a way to protect your files in case your computer crashes or gets stolen. Things like this do happen and you need to be prepared. There is nothing worse than having to completely re-do an entire project from scratch because it’s lost somewhere in cyberspace.

Enter…Dropbox. You may have another source for keeping files but I love Dropbox. They have a free version that will last you a good long while but after some time you may need to upgrade to the $9.95 per month plan. I started off with the paid plan because I put all my files, personal, and business on Dropbox.

I have a folder called “clients”. Inside the clients folder is a folder for each of my clients where I keep and store their projects. Below are screen shots of the client’s folders, folders inside the client’s folder, and articles inside the client’s personal folder with their completed orders. This way you can see how easy it is to find anything you need for a client.




Not every client will have work for you each month but if you have a list of twenty or more clients you should stay busy. Sometimes even less because some clients want you to work for them on a regular basis.
All this probably doesn’t sound exciting but it’s very important and will save you hours of time searching for a particular project.

So What is Exciting About Being  Freelance Writers?

• Taking only assignments you want to write.
• Making money from the comfort of your home.
• Making friends with people all over the world because you may have clients in many different countries like I do.
• Being your own boss.
• Knowing you are helping people with your writing. A good writer is very much in demand!
• Doing something you love!

As far as I’m concerned the good certainly outweighs the bad for a freelance writer. In the beginning you may wonder where your next paycheck is coming from, but after a while you learn to trust that what you need will come along. During slow period, spend that time marketing your services.

Make sure you have a great website with good samples of your writing. There will be a blog post coming up in the future about building your website if you don’t have one. For now, happy writing and let me know if you have any questions.  Freelance writers rock!

How to Write Your Way Around the World

For those of you who would love to be a travel writer I know you will love all the valuable information that is included in this great article.

Today’s blog post was written by Brendon Brown, the founder of Global English Editing.


How To Write Your Way Around The World

Being a writer has always held great appeal.  Expressing your feelings, thoughts, ideas and opinions, and getting paid for it, is a lot of people’s dream job. In the past it was notoriously difficult for both authors and journalists to get published, but these days the internet and the demand for knowledge and information has made writing a much more accessible occupation. It is also one that has become more rewarding. With the internet allowing people to read, comment and share articles all around the world you get near instant feedback and praise for your ideas.

As well as an enjoyable job there are many other perks to being a writer – you get to set your own schedule, there is no commute to work, you can choose your own office (or cafe), you can work your own ideas and you usually don’t have a boss. Sure, there may be an editor or publisher that you need to deal with but they are usually rooting for you to produce your best ideas. Surely being a writer is too good to be true? Keep reading, it gets even better!


Writing Pic 1

In the last 5 years there has been a boom in ‘digital nomads’, ‘online entrepreneurs’ and ‘freelancers’. With the rise of the book “The 4 hour work week” people have started to realise that most jobs these days can be done over the internet, and writing is no exception. So why stay in your grey hometown, working a 9-5 job in a sterile office when you can travel the world while you work. And what more enjoyable way to work and travel is there than being a freelance writer? Go where you want to go, write what you want, tap into your creativity and get paid for it. Becoming a freelance writer isn’t easy (or everyone would be doing it) but it isn’t difficult either, it just takes time and persistence, and once you get the hang of it you will want this job for life.

But how do you start writing your way around the world? Here are 10 tips to get you started:

Look online

The first step to becoming a freelance writer is to do some research. If you know what you want to write about then find magazines and websites related to that subject e.g. fashion, DIY, sports, fitness etc. On every major site you find start to look for the ‘work with us’ or ‘contact us’ page. Some sites like travelfish.org are always looking for freelance travel writers in specific countries. If it is obvious that the content of the site comes from a range of different contributors then email them and suggest an article you’d like to write for them. Don’t email asking them about how much they would pay you or demand a price, get them interested in your idea first.

Write for exposure but not for free

There are very few freelance writers that have never written articles for free – sometimes your name on a prominent website such as CNN travel, Asian Correspondent or the Tripadvisor blog can lead to other magazines being interested in your writing abilities. Think about what names would look good on your CV and pitch them stories. However, there are also a lot of websites and blogs that want content for cheap or for nothing. If you are going to write for free then pick your sites and articles carefully, writing for free is sometimes worth your while for exposure as a writer but sometimes it is just other people benefiting from your work.

Write about what you are passionate about

To some writing about motorbikes or the latest virus protection software is dull, to others it’s fascinating. One of the benefits of being a freelance writer is that you can choose what you write about (to an extent). It is difficult to write about subjects that don’t interest you, and it will likely feel like hard work. However, it is easy, enjoyable and sometimes effortless to write about things you like and are passionate about. Many people get by being freelance writers by writing SEO (Search engine optimization) content on lots of random topics, but the best freelance writers write what they know and enjoy.


One of the hardest things about writing is deciding what you should write about. Write what you are passionate about but also try to make it interesting. One of the easiest ways to find stories is to travel. Explore the world, your city or even your neighborhood. Open your eyes to gain a new perspective. Ask questions and don’t assume you know what is happening – keep an open mind. This will allow you to experience some amazing places and dream up some amazing stories, which in turn will fund your travel around the world. It’s a win win situation!

Set up an online portfolio to showcase your work

If you are emailing newspapers, websites and magazines with your story ideas then it is useful to also send them a link to your other writing work. Clippings.me allows writers to create an e-portfolio with links to previous articles published online. This helps potential clients see your work and writing style and will save you having to write an example article to show them your writing ability.

Create a personal blog or a website

If you want to write for online sources then it is important to know a little bit about the online world. You don’t need to learn how to read python or code, but the skills you learn when creating a wordpress site or building your own website will be extremely useful. From choosing a site name and writing a description to SEO content and working out how to get your site to rank high in Google searches, this will all be useful in making you a better writer. You can even use it as a way to showcase your stories and articles when you start freelancing.

Monetize your blog

If your blog becomes popular then why not make some money off of it. Affiliate links, reviews and ad space are all useful ways to create a bit of extra revenue from your site. And why not write about your experience in travelling (while working as a freelance writer)? With a well written travel blog you can request free hotel stays, flights and tours in exchange for writing about the experience.


If you intentionally set time aside to network then your chance of exposure is higher. Look for writers circles or online networking parties. Most of the young generation who are travelling around the world will be able to offer you something – from advice, recommendations, stories or even friendship. If you are lucky you may even meet an editor in need of a new writer for their magazine.

Editing and proofreading

If you are a great writer, you may also be a great editor. Although not all writers will have the skill set to edit and proofread professionally, for those that do, editing is an excellent way to earn an income and leave plenty of time to work on writing projects. Online workplaces such as Elance and oDesk are a popular option for editors, as are online editing and proofreading companies such as Global English Editing.

Find your niche

After dabbling with the first 9 tips to writing your way around the world, you should know more about what you enjoy writing and what you are good at. Now it’s time to further specialise. Approach magazines or websites and ask for a weekly column (this will allow you creative writing freedom and a regular income). Focus your personal blog or start a new one focusing on your niche (this will allow people to Google and find you easily). Explore your niche and partner with companies or even start to write a book on that subject.

Writers are not the most well paid out of all the professions but for many drive, enthusiasm, personal enjoyment and waking up with a spring in your step is more important. Write what you love and travel where you want to – the work will follow!

Written by Brendan Brown



Writing for the Children’s Market

Hello everyone.  I know it’s been a few weeks since my last post and I promise to be more regular, but I have been working!  My Western books are still selling, but again, not as fast as I thought they would have.  This past week I registered one of the Westerns with about 4 sites that will promote the book when you have it for free.

For those of you who may not know, if you register your book to be exclusive on Kindle they give you five days every three months to run free promotions.  I ran a one day free promotion and did draw some attention to my book.

As far as the children’s books I wrote,  the one on learning to count doesn’t sell much.  The Giraffe that Ran Away From the Zoo is selling really well.  It averages about six downloads per day.  I have not advertised that particular book as of yet but between the borrows and sales it will make me around $150 this month.  Last month, when I first published it, the sales ran around $65, so you can see that it is gaining momentum.

Today I want to share with you my newest book in children’s genre.  It’s The Case of the Missing Toys.

toycoverThis book can be purchased Here.

I will not be publishing children’s books all the time.  There is a plot going around in my mind for a murder mystery that just has to be written, so be looking for that case study soon.

Writing for pay is a lot of work but very interesting.  If you want to write fiction you may have to write web content until your checks get large enough.  I still write for a few clients that are special to me, plus write my books.  When I first started my writing business I found ten clients was all I could handle at one time.  Whatever you write, do your very best, and surprise your audience!

Thanks for visiting.  I’ll talk to you soon!





Expanding Genres of Writing

I’m sorry it’s been a few weeks since I posted but I’ve been really busy.  Beside writing my own books I’ve been busy with work for clients.  As of this morning I’ve taken on a new client from Romania.  At one time or another I think I’ve had clients from all over the world.  It’s amazing how the Internet can expand your business!

Today I want to talk about a new genre I am working on.  I’m still working on my Western series.  In fact, I’m writing book three right now.  They are selling copies every day but not going crazy as I would like.  I did hire someone from Fiverr.com to do some advertising for me and I’m anxious to see if that will help.  I”ll update the blog once it’s done.

As for the new genre I have been working in….drum roll please….. Children’s books.  I purchased a small illustration program, learned the in’s and out’s and created a picture book for 2 to 5 year old children.  I wanted to have a book where they could learn a life lesson as well as be educational.  The book is about a giraffe who runs away from the zoo.  Along the way he meets different animals and tries to live in their homes but they just don’t work for a giraffe.  Eventually he ends up back at the zoo with friends and family and realizes home is the best place in the world to be.

The Giraffe Who Ran Away From The Zoo


I used a pen name for the first time for this genre.  I felt like the name Kate Colby sounded softer than my real name.  I do however use Rhonda Grice for my non-fiction and Westerns.  It took me two days to write this book and make the illustrations.  It is around 20 pages.  The main reason it took this long is learning how to make the illustrations.  I have been pleasantly surprised at the sales.  In just six days I’ve already made more sales of this book than both my westerns put together.  Yesterday I wrote and illustrated a second book and used clip art for the illustrations.  If you go this route, be sure the clip art is royalty free.  Also you will need a free program like Gimp (if you don’t have Photoshop) to make the white backgrounds transparent for use in your book.

The point of this post is to show you that experimenting in different genres is sometimes helpful.  Of course you should write in a genre you like, but the point is you can write in more than one.

As soon as book 3 of my Kansas Prairie Series is done I”ll post again.  I should have it completed in the next two weeks.  Also remember that while you are writing book that writing for others can pay the bills!

More About My Fiction Writing Journey

I have been very busy writing for clients plus working on book 2 of my Kansas Prairie Western Series.  My first book, Unusual Inheritance, is selling but at about 1 or 2 copies per day right now. This includes any “borrows” on KDP Select.  I’m please since I have not started any kind of promotion yet and I’m a new fiction writer.  One thing I have noticed is that the borrows appear to be as good as a sale because every time someone borrows a book my ranking goes up.  This was great to find out, plus I make just as much money for a borrow as I do an actual sale.

If you read my previous post you know that all these books are novellas and are around 20,000 words.  It takes me about three or four weeks to write once due too other writing obligations and another part-time job I work from home.  Today book 2 in the series became live on Amazon.  Now that I have more than one book on there I have lowered the price on the first book to 99 cents will keep all the others that come after at $2.99

I had planned on making the first book free at all times but learned the only way to do that is to list my book on Smashwords first because they will allow you to list for free permanently and Amazon won’t.  However, the good news is that once it’s listed for free on Smashwords, Amazon will price match and list yours for free on Amazon.  Lesson learned.  The mistake I made was signing up for KDP on the first book and so my book must stay exclusive on Amazon for 90 days.  As soon as that time is up I”ll list book 1 on Smashwords and get it changed to free.

Writing book two seemed harder for me in some ways because I made sure there was a lot more dialogue.  This really makes the characters pop and seem more real to the reader in my opinion.  In a series I am also finding out that subplots need to be started and almost completed so that you will have a reason for people to buy the next book in the series.

Here is an example.  In my latest book the hero and heroine from the first book have troubles with relatives of the child they have guardianship over trying to take the ranch and the little girl away from them.  But while working on that problem I introduced another woman into the mix and have Belle and Jake, the foreman, starting of a romance.  The people who have come to take the ranch away aren’t what they appear to be and strange accidents begin to happen to the heroine.  As you can see, keeping the story lines going along the way, yet making sure they are interwoven in some way can be challenging.

I will be starting book 3 in the series in about a week and will keep you posted in how it goes along.  For now, please download my newest book and enjoy!  Trouble at the Double LL Ranch – Saving Katy Marie.





My Journey Into Fiction

A beautiful young college student writing on a notebook outdoor

Could This Author Be You? YES!

Writing a blog can sometimes make you feel very uncomfortable when you open yourself up to share your successes and your failures.  However, sharing a journey may be just the thing that will encourage someone else to pick up their dreams and become a writer.  Too many people don’t pursue their dreams but I was determined not to be one of those.  In the next few months I will be blogging about my journey into the world of writing fiction.  So far my writing career has consisted of ghostwriting for others, writing non-fiction Kindle books, and working on my websites.

If you guys read one of my past post called “Is it Time For You To Make a Change” or “My Fiction Project” you know that I started on this journey a long while ago, however like many people, I let other commitments and things get in the way and never completed anything.  I think that sometimes I actually sabotozed myself so that there would be no fear of failure!  But finally I realizsed that if I want to write fiction I simply have to take the time to do it.

Right now on Amazon kindle books the novella is very popular.  A novella is a smaller work of fiction anywhere from 8,000 to 30,000 words in length.  Busy people today want a quick read and something that entertains them for that short time so they can block out the world and all it’s challenges.  Beside short fiction being so popular, the novella series are selling like gangbusters!  You can type in series in the search box on Amazon and quickly see what I mean.

While I was away from my writing I really started to excell in my Amazon business as far as selling items online.  For over two years I have built this business and now I can concentrate more on my writing.  I still write web content for clients but only if they are willing to pay $20 and up per article.  It has to be worth my time or I don’t take the job anymore.  The more time you have been writing and the more experience you have, the more people are willing to pay for your time.

I didn’t start at that price so don’t feel bad if you are just getting started.  My very first writing gig I only received $5 per article and was writing $400 worth of them a month from one client and more from others.  Man I was really busy and for low pay back in those days, but it was an exciting and learning experience for me and I loved it!

Last month I decided to scrap the fiction project I had previously been on and start my novella series.  I watch lots of westerns with my husband and had heard from other writers that there was a shortage of good westerns on Kindle.  I soon came up with the idea for my first book and started writing.  Now, some people like to have the entire plot down before writing while others write from the seat of their pants.  I’m a pantser!  However, here is a system that I found worked best for me.  Once I used this system, I wrote the entire book first draft in 8 days.

First, let you mind go and just write.  It doesn’t matter if you take it out later, just start telling a story and don’t worry about spelling, punctuation, dialogue quotes are any of the mechanics.  I found for me it was easier to write and just tell the story, not worry about showing it all at this point.  Once the story was told it was extremely easy to go back in and add the rest of the dialogue and change things because by this time I felt I had a road map.

Below is an example of how I would “tell the story”, not the finished product.

Stormy road  her horse over to the pond where she stopped to wash in the cool water.  She decides to change into her clean dress before heading into town to see the attorney.  While she was there she hears a noise and a man appears from behind the rocks close to the water’s edge.  She pulls her dress to her boosum and trys to cover herself as the man just stand there.  She ask him what he wants, afraid of the answer.  She doesn’t trust him and because of her embarrasement she lashes out at him.

Here is the actual scene from my book “Unusual Inheritance”.

Quickly Stormy stripped down to her underpants, wishing she had time to jump in the water and really get cool. Then she heard it; the noise. Her eyes turned back to the rock ledge and there he was, just staring at her. Before she could cover herself, the dusty cowpoke came all the way from behind the rocks, looking just as surprised to see her as she was him.

Stormy pulled the dress up to her bosom for a small bit of cover. “What do you want,” she asked, scared of the answer.

The cowpoke tipped his dusty hat at her. “Sorry Ma’am.” A large grin spread across his thin, but clean-shaven face as his brown eyes took her in. For a moment it seemed they were both speechless.

Flustered, Stormy spoke in a harsh voice. “The least you could do is turn around while I finish getting dressed.”

“Sorry Ma’am.” He said softly as he turned.

No man, other than her pa, had ever seen her half-dressed! It was degrading…it was…well she wasn’t sure what it was, but she didn’t like it! She hurriedly threw the dress over her head and closed the buttons. “You can turn around now.”

He turned to face her again. “I just want to water my horse Ma’am, if that’s alright.”

“Of course it’s alright. It’s a free country,” she almost hissed the words.

Undeterred by her behavior the cowboy asked. “So what’s a pretty young girl doing all alone out here in her underpants? He pointed at the edge of her dress still caught up to the waist on one side, a small grin doing its best not to escape his lips.

More humiliation, Stormy thought as she pulled her dress down where it belonged. “For your information mister, I was just changing clothes before heading into town. How was I supposed to know some…some peeper would show up?” Her voice almost squeaked in agitation.

The man smiled slow and easy like, then responded to her outburst. “Huh…a peeper?” He rubbed his chin back and forth as if he were thinking. “Well I’ve been called many things lady but never that. So don’t be so uppity about your…attributes.” He looked her up and down as he spoke.   “I just want to water my horse, like I said.” He led the horse to drink and bent to quench his own thirst as well, ignoring those dainty hands resting upon shapely hips as Stormy mumbled under her breath.

“Well, I don’t have to stand here and be insulted”. Stormy mounted her horse, and rode off before the man could say anything or ask any questions she didn’t want to answer. She had only ridden about a 100 yards before she realized that egotistical cowboy, dirt farmer, or whatever he was, had called her pretty. Yeah, she would admit he wasn’t hard on the eyes and smiled for a moment. A perfect stranger thinking she was pretty. Hmmm, maybe this ain’t such a tiresome day after all!

stormyflatcoverBuy Unusual Inheritance Here

You can see that once you have the basics of the storyline how easy it is to flesh out the rest of the story and make it come to life.  Another tactic I experimented with was recording my thoughts and typing them later.  This worked pretty well too.  I have voice recorder on my smart phone and would just dictate story ideas into the phone and playback and type up later.  The playback feature on the phone has a speed control so it’s easy to play back slow enough to type.

Once I went back to flesh out and edit the book I worked hard at it all day long for several days and the book was finally finished.  When writing a series remember to set up the problem and plot for book two somewhere toward the end of book one.  Next I had my sister, who is an avid reader, go over the book and check grammar, spelling, and the plot as a whole to see if she enjoyed it.  It passed her test and the next item on my list was to read it through one more time myself and make any changes that I felt were needed.  Then I of course added a blurb at the end talking about what was coming up in book two.  I also asked people who wanted to be notified of each additional book to sign up to my email list for notification.

Now it’s time for a great cover for the book.  I was able to make my own cover, however if you don’t know how to do that you can get a great cover from a graphic artist at Fiverr.com.  For $5 or $10 you will have a professional cover that will bring more people to purchase your book.

For now I uploaded the book to Amazon, yet have not done any promotion for the book yet.  That will come later this week.  Once I get book three in the series completed I will change marketing plans a bit.  Once three books are listed on Amazon I will go back into the kindle dashboard and make book one absolutely FREE…all the time.  I will also go back into book one and link to book two and then go back into book two and link to book three.  Thousands of people download free books and this is great advertising for my subsequent books in the series.  This system is working great for many authors and I think it will work well for my series as well.

Well that’s enough of my journey for today but I will keep you up on what is happening, good or bad, as this journey into fiction continues over the next year.

Keep Writing!




Writing Goals and Plans Can Always Change

Is It Time For You To Make A Change?



When you work for yourself there will always be times that your goals and plans may change.  For over two years I have been writing for others, plus starting my new Kindle career as well.  The problem for me is that writing for others was certainly taking up most of my time, leaving very little time for my own adventures.  I new I needed a way to make money but still have some time for myself, so the problem solving started.

I love writing but the fact is that I can only write so much per day and this certainly limits your income, unless you are a million dollar copy writer.  I did a little bit of small copy-writing jobs but decided I wasn’t sure that it was for me, at least not at this time.  So, the next question was clear.  How Could I make enough money to pay the bills while working on my own writing?  For those of you who know me well you know that God is my partner is everything I do, so naturally He is the first person I go to when I need help.

The past three months I have been on another journey getting set up as a vendor on Amazon.  I have been selling items and getting my inventory built up.  It is starting to go well and money is finally starting to come in. Within another couple of months my writing income should be replaced with this new business, which doesn’t take up as much of my time.  My next goal is to complete a fiction title for Kindle and update some of my non-fiction titles.

I did notice that while working this new venue that my Kindle sales dropped and so it goes to show  me that adding titles and marketing my books does really help.  For many of you writing for others may be exactly what you want to do, and this site will still contain helpful hints on how to flourish in that career.  But one thing you need to consider is that when you work for others you are trading time for dollars.  When you work as an author you can create royalties, which means residual sales every month for work you did a long time ago.

The point of this blog post today is to let you know that there is always a way to get the results you want, but it does take patience and hard work.  Although my financial funds may be coming from a different source for a while, nothing is written in blood.  I could change my mind six months from now and still make a living by writing for others again.  You must believe in yourself at all times, and know that you have a higher power on your side.  For me, that higher power is God!

Keep in touch and let me know what is going on in your writing life and career so that we can all help each other be the best we can be!







Ghostbloggers.Net and Constant-Content Increases Income

ALERT!  Ghostbloggers Has Shut Their Doors!

Ignore the article below on the part about Ghostbloggers.  I don’t know why they shut down, but they did pay me the money they owed me for my articles.  Just use Constant-Content in your spare time.


Every Writer Has Slow Periods So Fill In

With Ghostbloggers or Constant-Content

writing for payIt seems for me that business is always slower in the summer time and to keep my finances in order I put some articles on Ghostbloggers.net.  They are only about a year old but already starting to bring in business for writers.  I have sold two articles on there so far and have three more listed.

The nice thing about Ghostbloggers.net is that you set the price you want for your articles and they add their fee on top of that; so nothing comes out of your share of the money.

Constant-Content is another place where you can submit articles and set your own price, but remember their fee comes out of the set price on that site.  You want to be sure you work is quality for these sites because authority site owners are willing to pay a good price for the articles.  The average prices is around $30 for an article.

Now for the bad news.  You may write articles that never sell and you must be willing to do that on these sites.  So, in order to make this work for you I would only write for these sites when your client work is done for the day.  Writing is always good practice and if you are really good this could lead to some permanent work for you.

Filling In Blank Time


Besides using your downtime to write articles for these type sites you should also use this time for marketing your services.  Marketing can many times take up as much time as writing does, but it is essential for good business.  When you are not marketing you could possibly write something to place on the Kindle.  Passive income is also very important.  I just had my best month so far on Kindle and I am looking forward to more in the future.



Working From Home – The Good,The Bad,The Ugly

Do You Dream of Working From Home?


Working From HomeIf you answered yes to that question above you are not alone.  Men and women alike have diverse reasons for why they would love to work from home.  For me and many of you it is so we can have a writing career.  For others it may be some other kind of home business.  What many people don’t realize is that working from home and having a home business are not always the same thing.  For example you may work for a company that allows their employees to work from home and this would not be considered a home business.

Although working from home, even for another company, is great you don’t have the freedoms you have when you have with  your very own business.  But with that freedom comes great responsibility and many ups and downs to contend with.  As many of you know I have been working from home in my own business for over two years now and it has been a wonderful journey.

Today I want to feature one of my Kindle books called ‘Working From Home – Should I- Could I – And What Do I Do First?”  This book is a look into what it takes to work from home and it even shows you how to select the perfect home business for you, if you have not already decided on one.  When writing this book I wrote about how I felt and the things I wanted to know and understand when starting my home business.  You will also love the chapter that gives real life examples of people who have started a very successful business practically from nothing.  Anything is possible if you just believe and are willing to put in the effort.

Please follow the link below and read the “Look Inside” section of my book and then get this great reference and inspiring read for yourself.  Remember, if you don’t own a kindle you can download this book to your iPhone, tablet, or  the Kindle for PC.  The Kindle for PC is FREE!  Thanks

Guest Blogging Can Fuel Your Freelance Career

Guest Blogging

Means Big Bucks!

Writing For Pay
Below is a slideshow that is amazing and one that every writer should see.  Bamidele Onibalusi was making over $50,000 a year from writing after only being in business for a year, so he certainly knows what he it talking about.

Leave some comments below the slideshow and tell of your experiences with guest blogging.  I will be starting a case study on one of my websites using this method and keep you informed.
How to Use Blogging to Fuel Your Freelance Writing Business

My Fiction Project

Writing For Pay

Fabulous Fiction!

Hey everyone, I’m sorry it’s been a while since I’ve posted, but life sometimes has issues that come up. My mother-in-law has been in the nursing home the past couple of months getting some needed therapy and I’ve been with her a lot. That is one of the wonderful things about working from home and being your own boss because you can reschedule things when people need you.

What I wanted to talk about today is my fiction project I’m working on. I had previously started another fiction book and just could not decide where to go with it and found myself not wanting to work on it. If this ever happens to you that is a sign you should move on and I finally figured that out.

I am currently using a fiction writing course with this new book and hope to get this book written a lot easier. Once I have finished the book I will let you guys know if this course is worth the money. So far I’m loving it and it helped me breeze through the entire outline in just one day. There is a lot of good information in it. Some writers are called ‘pantsers’ and some people are ’emotional’ writers, however either one can use the techniques in this course.

A pantser is what I thought I was going to be. This is simply a person that basically sits down and starts writing, kind of by the seat of their pants. No outline, no thinking much before hand, just writing. Many famous people write this way, but if you can’t do that, learning to put an outline together and knowing when to have action and when to give your readers a breather is very important. I am finding this new approach very rewarding so far and will certainly keep you informed.

Well, that’s enough about me today. It’s time to write some articles for my clients and then list a few items on eBay before working on my own writing. If you are working on fiction and have some great tips, please feel free to share them!

How Blog Directories Benefit Writers

Benefits of Blog Directories



Tell People Who You Are

Any writer who wishes to get business from the Internet should have their own blog or website.  In order to get some good backlinks and traffic to your site for future customers you can speed up the process by listing in blog directories.  Some will help and some won’t but it doesn’t take long to list in them so put your business blog url and information in at least 10 blog directories a month until you get up to about 50 directories.

One of the ways Google rates your site’s position in the search engines is through backlinks, but those backlinks need to be balanced and come from different types of places.  That is why 50 blog directories should be more than enough.  The rest of your backlinks can come from other avenues which we can discuss in a different article.

You have to take note that there are certain benefits that can be gained if you will opt to use blog directories. For some people, it is quite difficult to understand the real value of these blog directories since your blogs are listed with thousands of other blogs.

On the other hand, if you can get in early with any blog directories before it is fully populated, you have a good chance of getting a great position. The outcome can be a highly positive one, providing you an edge when it comes to the search results. You should also bear in mind that many people who utilize these blog directories to find blogs are performing a general search or by category. If your blog is listed on the top, you have a better chance to get noticed by those in search of a particular blog. As a result, it can help generate increased traffic to your blog.

There are several reason why submitting your blogs to blog directories is a good idea. Aside from the increased exposure for your blogs, there are also other benefits that you will avail. First, blog directories are usually penetrated by search engines. These blog directories are effortlessly penetrated by the foremost search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN. Take note that the configuration of these blog directories is ideal for the search engines as well as search engine optimization. Second, majority of these blog directories can provide increased traffic. Aside from the increased ranking on the search engine outcomes, people would like to take a glimpse on others who are also listed within their category. As a result, it creates clicks as well as exposure that you would not get anywhere else.

Directory – One Key To Success

Third, blog directories possess a large number of incoming links. Most of these blog directories provide an option of giving a reciprocal link or a small subscription fee. As an outcome, a number of links are created on a regular basis, thus helping with the popularity and placement on the search engine results. Fourth, majority of these blog directories offer RSS feed updates. You also have the opportunity to post your feed, making it easier for people to subscribe to your blog feed.

Remember that blog directories are here to stay since they are online directories. Even though information is exchanged in various ways, blog directories make it easier for individuals to find a particular blog that they need. When it comes to the submission to these blog directories, it is quite easy. There are some software packages which allow you to submit your blogs to blog directories in a fast manner. On the other hand, they are quite expensive. You can also submit your blogs manually.

If you want to further increase the exposure of your blog, it is time to submit to the blog directories. With the benefits that you will gain, it simply shows how important it is to make use of these blog directories so that you will increase the traffic as well as achieving a better ranking on search engine results.



My Kindle SoapBox!

Am I Preaching To The Choir?

Writing For Pay - Kindle

Okay, the truth is that for the longest I was up on my Kindle soapbox with indignation about marketers putting their outsourced books on Kindle.  I’m not sure exactly why, but I kept telling myself they aren’t writers and they are just in it for the money!

Well several months have gone by and I finally realized that I was wrong.  I have been ghostwriting for years now and I certainly thought that was okay, so it didn’t make sense for me to be angry at online marketers for having their book ghostwriten.  The reasons behind my anger were  certainly something worth thinking about though.  I was afraid that took much junk would be released on Kindle and hurt the rest of us “real writers”.

As it turns out Amazon themselves are keeping an eye on junk made from PLR and their feedback system as well.  People were paying others on Fiverr.com to give a good review of their book and this has really made Amazon stand up and take a better look.  While we all want to make money the important thing we need to keep foremost in our minds is our readers.  I truly understand now that slow and steady really will win the race.  Each month my Kindle sales improve and my feedback is growing.

What I have learned is to do the best job I can do for myself and my readers and to make sure I follow the rules on Amazon for Kindle.  If you concentrate on those two things it won’t matter what anyone else is doing!  Peace!


**photo by wikimedia.com – Pastor Sam Preaching**


My Fiction Challenge

Do You Have A Fiction Book Inside You

Just Waiting To Get Out?


writing for pay

Let The Writer In You Out

I have had an idea for a fiction book running around in my head for months but just never did anything about it.  I kept telling myself that writing fiction takes too long and so I kept putting it off.  Recently I bought a course that helps a person get a great outline for their book in such a simple way that you can write a small book in a little as a week! This is fantastic because Kindle accepts anything from one chapter short stories to full blown novels!

My story is probably going to be longer than a short story, maybe more of a novella or complete novel, but with this system I have been able to get my characters and the plot worked out in just one day.  It was so exciting.  Once you get to know your characters, and the plot is mapped out, the story just needs to be told.  You will find your characters will soon take on a life of their own.  Your plot may even change a bit as your story unfolds.

I have challenged myself to have this one book finished by the end of June and I will be giving you guys regular updates on how it’s going.  If you have a novel in you, join me in this challenge.  My goal is to make a series out of the book as well so I must be at my creative best.

Once I have completed the course I will share the outcome with you.  I just want to make sure all the info works before passing it on.  So far I give it a Thumbs Up.  Get started on your book by getting to know your characters and see where it takes you.



Writing PLR For Money

Have You Thought About

Writing PLR for Money?


writing for pay

Write PLR and Make Money!

At the present, there are lots of marketers and blog owners out there that are in need of something written, such as a report or an article. On the other hand, they do not want to do it themselves or they simply lack the time to do such a task.  This is where some individuals opt for writing PLR for money. Customers like to buy your PLR because it’s cheaper and they can just change it around and make it more original.

When it comes to private label rights or PLR, it allows individuals to purchase something that was written by someone else. Just remember that the written material becomes the property of the one who bought it and since many people can buy the same articles, the content won’t be unique to the Internet.

Writing PLR for money is a good way to earn an additional income. It can either be a part time or full time basis, depending on your available time. If you love to write, there is a lot of room to earn more if you will focus on writing PLR for money. In order to become successful in writing PLR for money, you should be creative enough to handle various topics that people need and to be able to write papers free from any grammatical errors. If you are a competent writer, then writing PLR for money will surely work for you.


Do You Need a Website For Writing PLR For Money

If you don’t have your own PLR website set up you can sell on other websites.  Several websites such as Fiverr and Gigblasters would require you to have your own PayPal account for payment and allow you to sell your PLR on their site.  They do take a commission for this.

If you do not want to use services like these then it is best to look for a forum where you can offer your writing services. You have nothing to worry about if the first forum where you offered your services gets no replies yet. There are numerous internet marketing forums out there in search for writers for web content or articles. If this is your first try with writing PLR for money, you should be patient until you attract an interested individual in need of writing services.

Another option is to try the freelancer websites such as oDesk or Freelancer.   There are many writing PLR for money jobs being offered there and you can look for available writing PLR money jobs that you are qualified for.  In cases like these the person hiring wants you to write PLR material for their PLR site.  They all require a PayPal account since that is where you will get paid for your writing services. Opting for writing PLR for money can provide you an additional income source.

If you want to earn money online through writing PLR for money, it is best to lower your prices in the beginning, since you are not yet recognized in the forums yet. The moment you have built-up your reputation, you can start increasing your fee. With writing PLR for money, just remember to deliver your work on time, always ensure quality and error free work and always communicate with your clients. By following these guidelines, you will become successful with writing PLR for money.


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Who’s The Boss – You Or Your Client

Dealing With Clients

As a writer there will be times you work with clients that are more trouble than they are worth, so let’s talk about where you draw the line in the sand.  We have heard all our lives that the customer is always right, but are they really?  First let me say that the smart thing to do is try and give your clients the best service possible and even throw in some freebies every now and then to show them you appreciate their business. The thing to remember is that you work WITH clients, not FOR clients.  Your ghostwriting business is yours and you are the boss.

If you have the mentality that you work for your clients that puts you in a JOB situation again, working for an hourly wage.  Most writers want their own business to get away from that scenario.  So how do you keep your clients happy and still maintain control?  You have to take control from the very first conversation you have with them so they will know what you will do and what services you will not do. If you want paid upfront then tell them so and don’t back down.  If you need a week to get the job done then don’t agree to do it faster.  You are the one who decides.


The Client From Hell!

Writing For PayIn the past two years I have only had one person I didn’t like working with and I ended up nick-naming him “the client from hell”!  Yes I know it sounds bad but listen to the story so you will understand how to handle one if a client like this comes your way.

This person actually had a large physical company and was not my normal online marketing clients.  He had a business that was a family business and several of the family members worked there.  The order was only $114, so you would think no problem; just write what he needs and take the money.  Wrong!  The first instructions he gave me were to take the information off his website and totally rewrite it for a new website and he further stated I could use any of the technical facts and company facts right off those pages.

What should have been an 8 hour job ended up taking me two weeks!  This guy called me on the phone about three times and he would call me on Skype another three times a day, plus emails.  He wanted to know what I thought of this idea, or that idea, or he would change his mind on what he needed me to do.  Finally after multiple changes, which I didn’t charge for, I submitted the work.  His mother tore all my work apart and told me very hatefully that the information I wrote about the company was false.  These facts were the very words that were actually on their current website!

Well let me tell you I wrote mommy dearest back and told her that I am a professional writer and that the information was given to me by her son, and if they weren’t on the same page it wasn’t my problem.  I also told the man I didn’t appreciate the treatment and that I would not be doing any work for them in the future.  He hounded me for another month trying to get me to do more work for them but I refused.  Why?  Because no one needs money bad enough to be abused by clients.  The times this client took me away from my business cost me a lot more money than I made.  I learned a valuable lesson from this client.  First be sure you and the client understand what the work order consist of and to not spend the time you could be working giving away free consulting services.


Do You Have The Right Mindset?

It all comes down to a mindset really.  You can’t let anyone make you feel insecure about your business or your talents.  If you need to rewrite something you misunderstood, then do it graciously, but don’t let a client ride shotgun over you.  People like that are insecure themselves and just want to bully anyone that will let them.

You may be wondering how I got this person to quit calling me.  I simply never answered his phone calls and deleted him from my contacts on Skype so he could no longer contact me through that way.  It felt good, really good!

I hope this article doesn’t scare anyone from writing for pay because that was not the intent.  I just want all of you to have the right mindset and feel for your business, no matter how small it is or how long you have been doing it.  You are the boss and it’s your business, so run it the way you want to.  Remember to always treat people the way you would like to be treated and things will almost always work out perfectly.






Writing For Kindle – When You Don’t Own One

You Don’t Need a Kindle

To Start Writing For Kindle


You don’t need a Kindle to start reading or writing Kindle books, you can simply download the free Kindle for PC app for your computer or even your

writing for pay


iPhone.  It works just like a Kindle except you can’t carry it with you unless you have a laptop computer.

For a long time I used the Kindle for PC and was able to get the books I wanted to read without a Kindle, but finally my dear husband purchased me a one.  He bought the cheapest one that had at that time and I think it was around $114, but it still works today and I love it.  So if you are using the excuse that you don’t have a Kindle to start writing you have just lost that excuse.

I understand more than you know that putting your writing on the web, open to criticism, is a little bit scary.  Look at it this way, feedback is good, no matter if good or bad.  I once read from a Kindle author that when she first started writing books she had one that got lots of bad reviews.  She had some typos, and the description mislead as to what was really in the book, and some other things that she now understands has to be correct. Don’t promise more than you can deliver!   Here is the thing I want you to remember.  If this happens to you, which it rarely does to anyone, all you have to do is take that book down from Kindle and it leaves your account along with all the bad reviews.

Now, if you think that book still has merit and you think you can make a really good book out of it then start over.  Use a different name and change the book completely.  Learn from your mistakes and listen to what was said in the feedback.  You must also realize that some people are just a wee bit off the wall and you can’t take everything to heart.  Just use your Kindle for PC to double check your book and make sure it looks good in Kindle format as well.

When I uploaded about my 4th book I started getting some refund request.  I looked over my book again, added some more value to it with more pages, doubled checked the spelling again (found a few typos), and rewrote the description.  I even changed the book cover as well.  It’s not so hard if you take the time to study what some of the best selling authors are doing on their descriptions.

I uploaded the revised book to Kindle, changed the price from 99 cents to $2.99 (because of added pages), and the book is now my best seller and I rarely get asked for a refund.  One thing you need to understand about refunds is that some of them will happen just because people thought they were clicking on get a sample of your book and they bought it by mistake.  Customers have seven days to ask for a refund so be prepared for a few.

That is all for today, so if you don’t have a Kindle be sure and download the one for your PC today and get started.  Having a career in writing always starts with a first step!



Using Fiverr As A Marketing Tool

Using Fiverr As A marketing Tool


Writing for Pay

Marketing Helps Grow Your Money Tree

Most everyone has heard of Fiverr.com and sites like Fiverr, but what you might not know is you could be using Fiverr as a marketing tool.  When I first started writing for pay I did list a writing gig on Fiverr until I got plenty of good testimonials to place on my website.  Once I had enough feedback I took the writing gig down because I certainly didn’t want to spend an hour researching and writing an article for $4.  After Fiverr takes their cut you only get the remaining $4 which isn’t much money.

For people who offer services on Fiverr that takes less than 20 minutes to complete the money is okay, but for writing content it’s not a way to pay the bills for sure.  Having said that there is a way you can start using Fiverr as a marketing tool for your writing that is easy to do.

How I Am Using Fiverr As A Marketing Tool

I have been writing product reviews for websites for a long while now and I can do them pretty quickly too, so I put a gig on Fiverr for a small and compact 400 word review (mine are usually 800 to 1000 words).  These type of reviews take me about 20 minutes to complete and take very little research.  And even though I could do three of these an hour for $12 that is not my goal.  My goal is to get my Fiverr clients to hire me for services I don’t list on Fiverr.

Once my review is complete it is time to deliver to the client.  I have a letter that I send along with all my orders that explains my other services to clients and how they can contact me for them.  This is a tricky area because you have to be careful not to break the terms and conditions of Fiverr.  The way I understand this is you can’t offer the same services away from Fiverr as you are offering on Fiverr.  In other words, I don’t offer article writing on Fiverr so by offering it to the client off fiver would not be taking any money away from Fiverr.

If you are not comfortable with this of course you should not do it, but I can tell you that hundreds of marketers are doing this and so far no one has lost their account. Depending on what services you offer and what your prices are you would have to create your own letter of other services, however, I am giving you a link to mine below so you can get a general idea of how you can be using Fiverr as a marketing tool.

I can tell you that this method works and I do get new clients this way.  If you have not thought of using Fiverr as a marketing tool, maybe you should rethink your marketing strategy because it’s easy and cheap advertising.

 Using Fiverr as a Marketing Tool  – Other Services Letter


Writing For Pay Home Page



Since I wrote this original blog post three weeks ago I have gotten two more new clients using this method.  I have known about this method for a while but didn’t have a gig on Fiverr at the time that was doing well enough for it to work.   The review gig has really picked up as I get more good feedback and so I have more opportunity to send out my list of other services.  To me it’s worth losing a bit on the initial review to gain new clients for other services.  In fact it’s pretty cheap advertising!

If you haven’t tried this yet and need clients, then give it a try.   Here is a link to my gig if you want to see what it looks like.


My Fiver Gig







Write A Series

For Better Sales Write A Series


Since I’ve started writing for Kindle I keep reading that if you can write a series Amazon loves it and the readers do to.  This of course is based on the

writing for pay

I See There Is More Than Meets The Eye

fact that the readers love your first book.  To write a series doesn’t have to always be in the fiction genre either, it can be in non-fiction.  For example, my sister Gloria has a series going called “God Help Me Please”, and each book is about a different way to get help from God,  You can see what I mean by looking at her titles on the authors page here

There are trilogies and even longer series available in books today.  Janet Evanovich has a series with around 20 books in it called the Stephanie Plum series.  If you have never read any of her books and you love humor, excitement, and romance, you can see her books by clicking here.   These two authors should give you an idea of how a series can work.  Once a customer reads and loves one of your books, if done right, they can’t wait to see what your main character will be up to next, or what you have to say next on a certain topic.  To make more sales and make more money simply write a series.

Most of you know that all my Kindle books so far have been non-fiction but I have now come up with an idea for a fiction series and can’t wait to get started.  This will not be the first fiction book I’ve written, but the first one that will go on Kindle so I’m really looking forward to it.  I may even publish it in paperback using the Amazon Createspace, but not sure at this time.

Those of you who are writing fiction think about if your characters have enough antics in them to write a series.  The series doesn’t have to be 20 books long, but three to five would probably make your readers extremely happy.  Let me know how you get along with it and I’ll keep you posted with how I put my fictions book together. Let’s all get busy and write a series.


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Writing for Kindle



Web Page Content That Sells

Three Tips To Help Your Web Page Content Sell


Writing web page content for blogs and articles directories is a good money-maker if you know what you are doing.  Today there are many writers

writing for pay

Sold Another One!

trying to make a living online but they don’t know how to write web page content that keeps clients and readers coming back for more.  It doesn’t mean they didn’t do great research or even put together an “okay” article or blog post, but it may not have been good enough to get repeat business.  This is especially true if you are charging a good price for your work.

People that pay big bucks for articles and blog posts want web page content that either gets the click or brings a reader back over and over again to see what will be the next article or blog post.  Either way it’s your responsibility as the writer to make sure it happens for your client.

Web Page Content Writing Tips

1.  The first thing when writing for pay is to gather research that will set your article apart from others writing on this same niche.  Sometimes you can’t always find something new, but creating the article with a different slant can make all the difference in the world.  Below are a couple of title examples to show how the slant of an article can make better web page content.

  • Peddle Car Races Your Child Will Love
  • Peddle Car Races That Develop Child Coordination Skills

Can you see how your article can have not only a lot more depth, but have an interesting slant that would keep someone glued to the page?

2.  The second tip is about what words you use.  Be careful of word repetition, especially in the beginning of your sentences.  See these examples below.

  • (a)The peddle cars start off being lined up side by side.  The children wait for the horn to blow and then they know the race has started.  When they round the bend to the finish line they will be going downhill so bales of hay are stacked there in case they can’t stop.  When a child hits the hay it gives them a jolt but won’t hurt them.


  • (b)The peddle cars are all lined up side by side as the children anxiously wait for the horn to blow; signaling the start of the race.  When the children round the last bend to the finish line the road starts to slant downhill, but don’t worry because officials have made a blockade out of bales of hay.  Even the jolt of being stopped by the hay doesn’t dampen the spirits of these excited children.

As you can see the first two sentences in example (a)start with the word “the” and the last two sentences in (a) start with the word “when”.  Writing in this manner makes your sentences sound more like you are reading from a list and the words don’t flow easily.  Even if you are writing non-fiction your words need to tell a believable story; a story where people want to read all the way to the end.

3.  The last tip I want to share with you today is the tone of your writing.  Unless your client has specifically asked you to write in a journalistic style, you should always use a conversational tone.  A conversational tone is what we are doing right now.  It is when you sit down and write as if you were talking to someone sitting right across from you.

This tone of voice is easy to write and it’s comfortable for the reader as well.  No one likes to sit down and read content with huge words that have no use in today’s culture.  Don’t try to impress people with your vocabulary because it won’t work.  When writing web page content you need to write for the masses and that means keeping your writing around an 8th to 10th grade level.  In truth, that is the level most of use on a daily basis and so keep your writing real for the people who are going to be looking at it.

There are lots more tips on how to write well but we will save those for another blog post.  If you adopt just these three tips and incorporate them into your work you will have some really happy clients.

Feel free to comment and share some of your best writing tips!

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